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The law office of Robert D. Devin, PA can assist you with your appellate needs.

The simple fact is not all cases end either through settlement or at trial. Frequently it is necessary to go beyond the trial court stage and obtain a review of or defend the trial judge or jury's decisions. Handling an appeal requires a special skill set which blends both persuasive legal writing with oral advocacy. The law office of Robert D. Devin, PA. is experienced in both the procedures and art involved in prosecuting or defending a case before an appellate court. We have a proven ability to distill complex factual and legal issues to their essence and persuasively present those issues to an appellate court.

What you can expect from the law office of Robert D. Devin:

  • The expertise to appreciate and "speak the appellate judges' language" as the appeal is presented
  • An experienced understanding of the appeal process and appellate law
  • Exceptional writing ability that converts legalese into understandable, effective prose
  • Attention to detail and meticulous review of your case and court file
  • Effective legal research